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Personal Note from Marjan Decat, leadership coach and author of Detoxing Organisations and Detox Je Leven

Is toxic energy omnipresent? I like to take you on a trip to discover hidden patterns within yourself or your organization. In both books, you’ll receive a toolkit that will help you to take purposeful actions towards a personal- and work-life filled with positivity and abundant motivation. Enjoy the journey!

detoxing organizations

Detoxing Organisations

Coming soon

Bringing positive energy within organizations

Toxic energy and stress are too often an ever-present reality within our professional environment. It’s a poison that, in a very subtle way, can drain us and be at the root of burn-outs, frustration, and demotivation. Within organizations, many new initiatives based on good intentions do not seem to bring the expected solution.

Detoxing organizations gives insights about the different sources of toxic behavioral patterns and how to deal with them.  Familiar situations and examples raise awareness and give the reader many 'aha' moments. This book is for CEO's, leaders and HR managers who want to bring more positive, engaging energy within their organization and make it shine.

Detox Je Leven

Detox Je Leven

Now Available (Dutch only)

'Detox je leven' is a unique book for everyone who wants to fill their lives with more positive energy, joy, and fulfillment. You'll discover the power of your mindset and soul to bring positive energy to life. Thanks to concrete keys and tools you'll be able to detox your life from the toxic energy it contains and finally become your highest self.  Step into your full authentic power and live your life to the fullest!

'Detox je leven' takes you on a journey to the destination: positive energy.  By finding your inner power and applying practical exercises gradually offered throughout the book, you do reach this destination. Wishing you success!

Annelies Alloing

HR Director Bmwb

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detoxing organizations
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