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Our Workshops and Programs

Unveil hidden dynamics in a fun and interactive way.

Workshops and Programs

Do you want to bring inspiration, reflection and insights about Leadership and Self-Leadership to your organization? We facilitate thought-provoking and interactive workshops and develop full programs based on your needs. Some themes and tools as inspiration:

Theme 1

The Leadership Mindset Levels

Our mindset - the way we look at things - is steering our emotions and actions. It is at the source of how we react to situations, lead ourselves and lead others. In this workshop, we introduce you to the power of our minds and demonstrate the immense effect of underlying thought patterns on our overall behavior.

Theme 2

Leading Self

How well we lead others is impacted by how well we lead ourselves. How do we deal with blocks, obstacles, and stress? In this workshop, we explore the individual mindset. We identify personal patterns and triggers that affect our inner alignment and we discover building blocks to grow and thrive personally and professionally.

Theme 3

Leading Others

We are leaders in all aspects of our lives. In all situations, we influence the people around us. How can we steer the outcome of our interaction? How can we inspire others and help them unlock their full potential?  In this workshop, we bring insights about interpersonal dynamics.  We help you discover how you can unlock potential in others and become a positive inspiring leader.

Our Tools

We completed our toolbox with some in house developed workshop tools.  They support the interactivity and enable participants to reflect on the deeply-rooted thought patterns, all while keeping it fun and accessible.

The Leadership Mindset Toolbox

Deep-dive in our mind and thoughts

Thanks to a set of Leadership Cards and Mindset Level Fields, we help participants to reflect and explore the different mindset perspectives.  We use visuals and reflection cards to support the process.  


I really liked working with Marjan as she helped me turning me into a better coach & leader. I highly appreciated her direct & pragmatic approach. For anybody with a high energy level who might be in search on how to control & use his/her energy in a positive & effective way, Marjan can be an asset.

Dieter De Bel

Manager Dealer Development MB Cars at Mercedes-Benz Belgium

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