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Why I wrote Detoxing Organizations

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

The book called me. It was an inner calling that I couldn't and didn’t want to resist.

Throughout my path, energy has been omnipresent in many aspects. I’m not only an energetic person who experienced a burn-out as a stepping stone to grow, but I also discovered how energy plays within organizations and how this affects the motivation, well-being, commitment, engagement of employees and even the overall success of the organization.

I developed a passion for energy and how it impacts people and relationships. It is also my passion to bring out the best of people, teams, and organizations. Sincerely believing that we have ownership over our energy and thus steer how we show up in life, made me write my first book: "Detox Je Leven." It didn’t take long before my second book started calling me. The timing was right to unveil the hidden places of toxic energy patterns within organizations and offer insights to those who want to bring more constructive energy to the workplace.

Detoxing Organizations: bringing positive energy within organizations

Toxic energy and stress are too often an ever-present reality within our professional environment. It’s a poison that, in a very subtle way, can drain us and be at the root of burn-outs, frustration, and demotivation. Within organisations, many new initiatives based on good intentions do not seem to bring the expected solution.

Detoxing organizations gives insights about the different sources of toxic patterns and how to deal with them. Familiar situations and examples raise awareness and give the reader many 'aha' moments. This book is for CEO's, leaders and HR managers who want to bring more positive, engaging energy within their organization and make it shine.


See this wonderful picture. The sunset view from my apartment on the Belgian coast: the place that brings me inspiration and calmness, the perfect place to write my book. An early morning walk on the endless beach, barefoot at the waterline is the moment to breathe, inhale, and open the mind and heart. The remainder of the day, I hardly leave my desk until the sunset comes along. Again a thankful moment.

In between the writing weeks, my editor challenges me. Honestly, I look forward to every meeting with him, since his comments only make me and the book grow.

Today I am writing my last chapter. The finish is in sight. It’s exciting, a relief, and an honor to inspire others in what I sincerely believe is possible: unlocking greatness within organisations, teams, and people all while enjoying the journey, being positively inspired and feeling at their best.

With love,


Reserve your copy here.

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