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How we help transitions succeed!

Our Services

Executive Coaching - Team Coaching - Change Management - Executive Search

It is our pleasure to share our expertise in HR, leadership, Change and Coaching to bring out the best in people, teams, and organizations. We work in close partnership with our clients to develop the best approach for the challenge they are facing. Discover our services more in-depth below.

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We help teams to create positive team dynamics and boost their performance

Within teams, many aspects can impact their ability to perform at the highest potential: a reorganization, a new team composition, mistrust, uncertainty of what is ahead, stress… And these are only some of the elements that negatively affects team performance.  Together we explore what is at play within your team and define the best approach to bring positive and engaging team dynamics to life.

We help managers and executives to develop an effective style of leadership that positively influences and inspires themselves, their teams and their organization

The way we lead ourselves has a considerable impact not only on our own wellbeing but also on that of the people and teams surrounding us. Stress, ego and the fear to fail are obstacles for becoming a positive, inspiring leader. As a certified Leadership coach, Marjan Decat helps leaders to overcome these obstacles to unlock their full authentic leadership potential.

Looking for the right talent ? We search among the best in class to complete your team.

Fusion Executive is an executive search agency specialized in Marketing, Sales and HR, based in Brussels. We are your partner in finding the best talent in the market. By being a true ambassador of your employer brand, we assure a unique candidate journey to attract top performers and offer transformational leadership coaching to empower your new employee.

We help companies who believe in the positive strengths and values of their employees and want to evolve towards inspirational leadership. We support them in the change they want to bring to live.

Whatever change your organization is facing, it often brings stress, resistance, and fear to the workplace. Good intentions at the top often get flushed away with the hassle of everyday issues and the workload this transformation brings along. As an external partner, we guide you along this journey.  We challenge the vision, bring alignment at the top, co-create with internal teams, facilitate ambassadorship, empower middle management, and give the needed attention to all stakeholders involved.  We set your roadmap for change and guide every level within your organization. Are you facing a Cultural Change, do you want to implement New Ways of Working, do you want to change the way your organization leads?  We bring the best team around the table to support you in making your change succeed.

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We're happy to help

We love to unlock the hidden potential. We love to facilitate energetic, interactive and fun workshops.  We love to see people reflect on their behavior and get impactful insights about hidden dynamics.  One on one sessions, group sessions or full programs, standard or tailor-made … together we bring it to life.


I really liked working with Marjan as she helped me turning me into a better coach & leader. I highly appreciated her direct & pragmatic approach. For anybody with a high energy level who might be in search on how to control & use his/her energy in a positive & effective way, Marjan can be an asset.

Dieter De Bel

Manager Dealer Development MB Cars at Mercedes-Benz Belgium

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